Today, we are faced with many challenges, both personal and financial; but how we handle these challenges will determine our future.

In every case, the basic stimulus for these challenges is the same. We want to do things differently, better, improving ourselves and our circumstances or both. Unfortunately, for many or more likely most, these decrees of self-improvement rarely last any longer than a day, a week a holiday or just a fleeting thought. For some, the individual struggles endlessly with finding the inspiration or faith to believe that the change is even possible. Others, struggle to unearth the energy necessary to take action. For those that are lucky enough to have both the energy and the faith in the beginning, it is quickly put to the test the moment the first real obstacle presents itself.

Here is where the excuses and procrastination begins. Their motivation fades and soon they fall back into the 'grooves' that their past habits and decisions have worn into their lives.

I am hoping that I can grab the attention of those individuals whom are now facing some of those motivation-robbing obstacles. I also hope that some of the tools included in this article will help you to overcome the barriers that will keep you from making it over the top of the hill.

First, let me start off by assuring you that YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Problems small and large, heartaches deep and painful may be looming on your horizon or right in your face this very moment.

However, no matter how helpless or hopeless you feel in the face of these circumstances YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Trust me on this one. Why? Because I know how you feel. I have traveled (and at times still travel) that rough and rocky road of adversity. I have survived the levels of stress that can turn coal to diamonds, while at the same time, standing back up after falling down, as a result of personal and professional disasters.

So, without a doubt I can say with heartfelt honesty that "I know what it feels like to be long on trouble and short on resources."

Through these times, I learned many valuable lessons, however, the one thing I learned that stands out is, YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Problems, failures, and disappointments have battered and bruised your pride and personality, but no matter how messed up, passed over or knocked down you feel – take heart in knowing YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN – you can start anew.

Below are seven steps to help you with your new beginning. There are many different ways in which you can become your own personal phoenix, rising from the ashes of past failures and defeats creating a new life out of the old.

Applying these practices now, will not only create this new beginning, but also serve as a blueprint for a set of destiny changing habits, that can help you develop and realize the life you dream, desire and deserve.

Charles Reade once said, "Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a Habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny."

7 Steps to make it happen

1. To get inspired, to start anew, you must know exactly what you want to change as well as deciding upon your goal. Like a professional athlete at the starting line, you need to be able to visualize the outcome and your victory before the race begins. Furthermore, do not simply except subtle change, dream the big dream. Focus on your dream and the sharpest of detail and construct your hopes in the highest manner, blueprint and then explode into action.

2. Know you are a worthy traveler. Realize your ability to change. The main way to stay inspired and at the top of your game is to realize that you have an innate ability to reconstruct your life completely. As soon as you understand that you possess all of the tools needed to change your life, this should not only be a source of inspiration but a bountiful source of motivation as well.

3. Map your route. Your dreams, goals and aspirations will seem far more real, exciting and attainable, as you get more detailed in envisioning them. However, any good traveler knows that to get to your destination or goal you need to have a precise map and action plan. Having your map and action plan will keep you on track and enable you to quickly reroute yourself when any obstacles detour you from your destination. As you sit down to map out your route to success, be realistic. Do not ask yourself to cover impossible terrain, or rough terrain without the proper preparation. If you do, you will probably give up and turn back. Set yourself up for success not for failure by breaking larger goals down into manageable steps, so you can see and measure your progress, in reaching your final destination.

4. Wake up recharged and energized. An essential step to staying motivated and starting anew is to consider each day a new beginning, a new opportunity with endless possibilities. Carpe Diem, which is Latin for "seize the day and make it yours." Give each and every day your full attention, for the time you have the most control over, is now. So, do not dwell on the past – but instead learn from it. Avoid being bogged down with regrets and missed opportunities. The two most wasted days of the week are yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday is in the past, it is already written down in the history books. No one can change the past. And tomorrow hasn't happened yet. No one can predict the future, and no one knows if tomorrow will come, so live today, in the present. You can control their outcome.

5. Always keep your engines running and your tank full. Staying relaxed and focused are two key essentials to helping in the fulfillment of your destiny. When you are tired you are spending your time just trying to survive, not spending it trying to thrive. Take a little extra time each day to sit quietly, dream ambitiously and plan strategically. This will do much to fire up your enthusiasm, ignite your inspiration and renew your perspective.

6. Prepare for your journey. Make sure that you pack enough mental provisions to sustain yourself along your journey. Inspiration and optimism go hand in hand, but remember true optimism is not just the belief that all will be well. It is very different indeed. Optimism is the belief and confidence that taking the right actions will result in the attainment of one's goals and desires. This belief fuels a passionate persistence to take those actions consistently, even faithfully. Optimism allows you to take confident initiative and proactively approach your goals. Thus, the odds are better that you will be willing to make a new start or accept a new challenge. Here are two ways to strengthen your fuel for your trip to success.

a) Practice positive thinking. Your thoughts are the driver of your outlook, attitude and action. Your body is affected by your thoughts – negative thinking will have a negative impact on your physical well being, so optimistic, enthusiastic thinking will have a positive effect on your mind, body, and spirit.

b) Feed your mind with healthy input. Inspirational books and tapes are a great source of healthy input for you mind. The reason that so many professionals in the world listen to motivational tapes and read inspirational books is that they work; plain and simple. Your mental diet is as important to your success, as your physical diet is to your health. Immersing yourself in information that is motivational and inspirational in content will help you regulate your thoughts.

7. Rev up your engine and begin your journey to success now! If you want to start anew then start now. Do not wait – for there is no more of a destructive action than inaction. Inaction is the cancer that will affect your inspiration like the action of inaction. Taking action, exerting effort and gaining ground on your goals will inspire you to take more action, exert more effort, thus gain more ground. Begin now! Do not let your past missteps deter you from attaining your goal. Learn from them! Many of the most successful people in our history overcame obstacles to become the figures we all know.

Remember it is YOUR journey to success. While YOU will have to make the effort, you will also be the one to reap the rewards. But now is the time to start your journey not tomorrow, NOW! Never doubt that YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Source by Kenneth J Van Liew