Radian’s Pyramid Platform automates every step of the real estate process

As the real estate industry braces for the end of forbearance moratoriums, housing experts are anticipating an increase in foreclosures and REO activity. In preparation for that influx, asset managers, servicers and investors need to ensure they have the tools and technology to successfully navigate this unpredictable time. Pyramid Platform, Radian’s award-winning asset management technology, can help users swiftly adapt to fluctuations in the REO environment.

Pyramid Platform automates and organizes every step of the REO asset management process through a secure web-based portal. Pyramid Platform users can customize their REO management workflow to trigger tasks based on their unique needs. This helps users execute and manage investment strategies, from listing to liquidation. In addition, Pyramid Platform offers users a variety of other workflows, including deed-in-lieu, short sale, acquisition, rental management, and more.

“Following an unprecedented year like 2020, Radian’s Pyramid Platform allows clients to prepare for changes,  as they happen in real time, through customized and intuitive workflows that help them more effectively and efficiently manage their real estate portfolios,” said Tim Reilly, EVP, Asset Management Operations. 

With features like drag-and-drop uploading, automatic document labeling and expense tracking, Pyramid makes managing a real estate portfolio simple and intuitive. Pyramid Platform also simplifies reporting via customizable dashboards where users can track key performance indicators, tasks, and timelines. 

“Clients can utilize real-time and customizable reporting, as well as direct data warehouse access,” said Rebecca Smith, VP, Sales and Business Development. “Robust, transparent reporting is essential for asset managers who want to proactively manage their portfolios and track progress.”

With Pyramid Platform, clients can also: 

  • Access Radian’s network of thousands of vendors.
  • Prioritize tasks with effective role-based dashboards.
  • Integrate with Radian’s various pricing products.
  • Take advantage of built-in logic and validations that save time and improve data integrity.
  • Reduce delays and navigate the real estate closing process with ease. 

As the market fluctuates, servicers and asset managers need flexible tech that allows them to focus their talent on strategy rather than managing repetitive tasks. Pyramid Platform uses intelligent automation to lift the load and helps improve ROI, whether the user is managing 40 properties or 4,000.

“Our customers choose Pyramid Platform because it allows them the flexibility to design their optimal workflow, manage their real estate assets, and nimbly pivot as the needs of those portfolios may change to match market conditions,” added Smith. “The platform was designed by users in today’s ever-changing environment who understand that the most efficient and effective workflow solutions are those that can be customized quickly and adjusted easily to meet user preferences and specific client needs.” 

Now is the time for savvy asset managers, servicers and investors to prepare for the anticipated wave of foreclosure activity coming and ensure they have the people, processes, and technology ready to meet the challenge ahead.   

“Our award-winning asset management technology is prepared to handle the influx of loss mitigation, foreclosure, eviction, and REO activity when moratoriums are lifted, and with its scalability, the system can quickly help portfolio investors, servicers and outsource providers to be prepared for the rapidly changing real estate market,” said Reilly.


Tim Reilly, EVP, Asset Management Operations

Tim Reilly oversees Radian’s asset management services, including real estate owned (REO), single-family rental (SFR) and technology platforms.


Rebecca Smith, VP, Sales and Business Development

Rebecca Smith supports business growth by managing communications, maintaining strong relationships and leading the company’s initiative of providing the highest level of client service.

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