Putting Together Real Estate Deals Using Creativity Instead of Cash with Shiloh Lundahl

How much money does it take to invest in real estate? Is there really such a thing as “no- or low-money down?” After you hear today’s interview, you’ll know the truth! Today we sit down with Shiloh Lundahl, a real estate investor who specializes in putting together deals using a variety of different no- and low-money strategies in some pretty unique combinations. From utilizing business lines of credit, to bringing in partners, to hard money, to lease options and beyond, this episode will give you tons of ammunition for your own creative finance deals. And don’t miss the incredible strategy that Shiloh uses today to make 300 percent more per deal than if he were to flip the home. It’s pretty darn fantastic!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Shiloh started his real estate investing journey
  • The book that helped him heal
  • Details about his first property
  • Office hacking and subleasing a sublease
  • His first flipping deal — $30K turned to $195K
  • How he bought his dream car
  • Losing $5K on his first flip
  • A hack with city inspectors
  • The importance of needing an assistant
  • The six different strategies he uses creatively
  • Moving to a lease-option model
  • Getting $800K in business lines of credit
  • Lease options and how he uses them
  • Selling properties 5–7 percent higher than the current ARV
  • Explaining lease option through videos
  • And SO much more!

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