HW+ Member Spotlight: Tim Anderson


For this week’s HW+ member spotlight, we feature Tim Anderson, president of the eMortgage Division at Evolve Mortgage Services. Anderson has over 35 years of industry experience having worked on both the lender and vendor side of the business, and in his current role, he is responsible for developing product and corporate strategy and strategic partner relationships that enhance and drive adoption of their digital mortgage platform and services. Prior to joining Evolve, he was senior vice president of Digital Strategy and Product Innovation for MortgageConnect.

Below, Anderson answers questions about the housing industry:

HousingWire: To start off, what is your current favorite HW+ article?

Tim Anderson: My favorite HW+ article at the moment is The future of mortgage closings: Where do we go from here?“. The article included interviews with the right SME’s (many publications quote people who are not even doing or involved). It was educational, breaking the subject down into distinct and digestible sections so even novices could follow and understand, and it covered something relevant in terms of trend.

HousingWire: What was one of your biggest opportunities in the industry?

Tim Anderson: When Microsoft purchased Tuttle Decision Systems back in 1999, I was interested in their logic and how they evaluated the mortgage marketplace. This was when Microsoft was just getting into the internet space with MSN and also their MS Office Enterprise bundle. Because it was Microsoft entering the mortgage space, it created quite a backlash from the traditional software and lender players as to what was their end game and goal. 

HousingWire: When have you felt success in your job?

Tim Anderson: I finally got people adopting “e!”  I have been evangelizing the benefits of SMARTDocuments and eMortgages ever since Fannie and Freddie announced this thing called a SMARTDoc eNote and got MISMO to approve and support it.

That was way back in 2001 and I really thought that lenders and investors would see the clearly obvious and logical benefits of implementing this in the next few years. Well, those years turned into 20 and it really was not until COVID-19 hit and many people had no choice but to implement a way to eClose remotely that we started to see mainstream adoption.

HousingWire: Lastly, what 2-3 trends that you’re closely following?

Tim Anderson: First, I am obviously tracking to see if Congress will pass the SECURE Act, which, much like UETA and ESIGN did for eSign, would primarily create a national standard for eNotary as well. 

Second, I am following MISMO 3.x “Verifiable” eNote, which will finally deliver on the promise of ensuring that the data within the document is as clean, current and compliant as possible. If people have been tracking the benefits of blockchain and SmartContracts, our eVault and SMARTDocs currently supply many of the same benefits.

Lastly, I am following new ID verification/authentication methods to ensure those who are eSigning and doing business are the right authorized people to be conducting business with.

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