HW+ Member Spotlight: Sarah DeCiantis

HW+ member spotlight Sarah DeCiantis

This week’s HW+ member spotlight features Sarah DeCiantis, chief marketing officer at United Wholesale Mortgage. As a 2019 Vanguard and Women of Influence, DeCiantis is the catalyst behind United Wholesale Mortgage’s strategic approach to marketing, which has helped the company become the No. 1 wholesale lender.

DeCiantis oversees advertising, public relations, social media, creative and customer relationship management that has established the company as the gold standard of the wholesale mortgage industry. DeCiantis prides herself on truly being in the weeds in all aspects of UWM marketing, as she regularly meets with clients to help assess their goals from a marketing perspective so UWM can help them grow their business, stressing the importance of building a strong social presence and driving business through content.

Below, DeCiantis answers questions about the housing industry:

HousingWire: To start off, what is your current favorite HW+ article?

Sarah DeCiantis: This is tough! I love them all and think HousingWire does a fantastic job keeping readers, like myself, up to speed on industry news and trends. One article that sticks out is “Mortgage industry cheers Sandra Thompson’s nomination,” by Georgia Kromrei. I love that it showcases the support of a strong senior female leader in the industry, and think Georgia did a great job capturing perspectives from a variety of industry leaders and organizations.  

HousingWire:  When do you feel success in your job? 

Sarah DeCiantis: My success is based upon whether or not my team is happy and thriving. As a leader, I will always push and strive to do more, get better, take on new challenges and hit goals, but success comes in the form of making sure those around me are happy, fulfilled and continuously growing.

At the end of the day, you’re only as good as your team, and it’s my job to ensure I’m providing them with what they need to be the best possible versions of themselves, personally and professionally. It’s simple – if they’re not successful, I can’t be successful. Team is everything.

HousingWire: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sarah DeCiantis: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is to be kind 100% of the time. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, and something we learn to do as a child, but many people lose sight of this basic fundamental.  

You never know what someone is going through, so whether it is a colleague, friend or stranger, your kindness has the ability to make a significant and positive impact on those around you.

HousingWire: What are 2-3 trends that you’re closely following?

Sarah DeCiantis:

  1. From a marketing standpoint, the official phasing out of third-party cookies is a reality I, along with every other marketer, have been studying. It’s important we find ways to ensure the continuation of effective digital advertising moving forward as this trend will continue in 2022. 
  1. From an industry standpoint, the shift we’re seeing with retail loan originators transitioning from retail to wholesale is picking up, and we at UWM take a proactive role in ensuring this trend continues on an upward trajectory. We’re already seeing an increase in conversions now, and we expect this to continue in 2022 and beyond, especially as rates continue to tick up and refi’s slow down. 

HousingWire: What do you think will be the big themes for the housing market in 2022? 

Sarah DeCiantis: Without a doubt, we’re going to see the wholesale channel grow exponentially in 2022 and beyond. As rates tick up, and refinances slow down, more and more retail LOs are going to switch over to the wholesale channel. 

With the growth of the independent mortgage broker channel, we will also see an increase in consumers across the country better understanding the benefits of working with an independent mortgage broker. Specifically, they will become increasingly aware of how personalized experiences, local expertise and speed to close can positively impact their monthly payment and closing costs.

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