Financial Freedom in Less Than Five Years with Joel from FI 180

Joel and his wife were barreling down the wrong financial path—saving nothing and spending more than $100,000 every year.

A freak car accident changed the direction of their lives by causing them to re-evaluate what was truly important to them. In five short years, they went from a negative savings rate to saving 85 percent of their income, allowing Joel to quit a job that was making him miserable.

They did this by making regular changes to their spending and cutting out the things that weren’t actually making them happy— alongside shedding poor investments they had previously accumulated and sticking to a strategy of simple, long-term index-fund investing.

This episode is for anyone who earns an upper-median income yet feels stuck and unable to get ahead. Joel will show you how to make the tough changes that will ultimately lead to more happiness, more freedom, and a stronger financial position.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • What Joel’s life was like before he focused on financial freedom
  • Having an expensive lifestyle as the norm
  • The logic behind high expenditures
  • Why the 180-degree shift to financial independence?
  • The first steps they took
  • The value of cooking good food
  • Cutting out unnecessary expenses while optimizing needs
  • Buying the worst mortgage property
  • Their crazy real estate investment experience
  • The tenant from hell
  • What they did to increase income
  • How Joel finally decided to quit his job
  • Their FI number
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Your worst case scenario is everybody else’s everyday life.” (Tweet This!)

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