FGMC COO on why leaders invest in their greatest asset: their people

As Chief Operating Officer at First Guaranty Mortgage Corp, Sarah Gonzalez has modernized the FGMC brand, recruited top talent and implemented operational efficiencies that significantly reduce the cost per loan across all production channels. During her third year at FGMC, Gonzalez was recognized by HousingWire as a 2020 Vanguard. The HW Vanguard awards program recognizes C-level industry professionals and business unit leaders who have become leaders in their respective fields within housing and mortgage finance — those whose leadership is moving markets forward, each and every day.

We reached out to Gonzalez to hear her take on how FGMC is tackling the current market and see what she’s looking forward to for the rest of 2021.

HousingWire: As you think about your career, what moments and experiences really prepared you for this current market?

Sarah Gonzalez: After 25 years in the business, I have learned to adapt to change easily. Specifically, 2008 gave a lot of us, including myself, the gumption to pretty much get through anything in our industry. My overall experience managing different channels has prepared me for the moments where we look critically at the market and decide where to invest or pull back. 

HW: Growing new leaders is critical to any business. What is your company doing to develop the next generation of leaders?

SG: Investing in our Mortgage Mavericks is a top priority for FGMC. They are our largest asset and we work diligently to identify key talent, develop career pathing, and invest in overall human capital. Part of that investment is in training. By combining role-based training in our systems, cross-training and market education we empower our employees to understand the “why” behind everything they do. Another part of investing in our Mortgage Mavericks is creating a culture where they can thrive with robust communication, mentorship, and the chance to pursue professional development opportunities. 

HW: What are you looking forward to the most for your organization for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

SG: This year FGMC’s motto is ‘Delivering Excellence’ and I look forward to continuing to live it out and make an impact on all of our partners and borrowers. I am also looking forward to leading the industry in telling the unique stories of today’s borrowers through our Maverick Solutions product line. These products allow us to reach more borrowers with products that are designed with them in mind with bank statement qualifications, jumbo offerings, and more.

Nominations for the 2021 Vanguards close Friday, July 23rd. Click here to nominate someone today!

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