On today’s epic show, we speak with Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa from Choose FI. Brad and Jonathan share their pillars of financial independence — the 10 things you need to do in order to achieve FI.

We cover beginner-level topics such as frugality and index fund investing, but we also touch on more advanced topics like tax optimization and travel hacking.

This episode went so long — and contained such fantastic information — that we simply could not squeeze it into a regular show. So we didn’t. We made it a two-part episode so we didn’t miss a moment with Brad and Jonathan.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The 10 pillars of FI
  • What low cost index fund is
  • Why investing in low cost index funds is a pillar of financial freedom
  • Low cost housing
  • The idea of house hacking
  • Scott’s ideas about the fastest way to achieve financial freedom
  • Mindy’s pillars to financial independence
  • Transportation costs
  • What opportunity cost is
  • Travel rewards
  • Jonathan’s take on grocery bills
  • Having a plan before going to the grocery store
  • Tax optimization
  • Some techniques for maxing out the free tax account
  • Traditional retirement versus early retirement
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Complexity reflects real life.” (Tweet This!)
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