Deephaven Mortgage offers hands-on training to help brokers gain expertise with non-QM product offerings

With more hopeful homeowners searching for non-traditional lending solutions, brokers are looking to partner with wholesale lenders that can offer unique options. For those borrowers historically underserved in the traditional mortgage industry, Deephaven Mortgage has proven that its expertise in the non-QM space can benefit both brokers and borrowers.

With more than a thousand independent mortgage brokers counting on their knowledge and experience, the account executives at Deephaven Mortgage have a reputation for helping their brokers thrive each step of the way.

“We work with brokers on their submissions from the get-go by recommending the right product, catching errors or missing information upfront and stewarding the application through to underwriting,” said Tom Davis, Chief Sales Officer at Deephaven Mortgage. “Our brokers know we stand by our terms and commitments. And because our underwriting is in-house, we respond faster and can be more flexible with borrowers’ individual situations.”

As the demand for non-QM continues to grow, brokers want to know that they are fully equipped to handle an influx of non-QM borrowers. While adding non-QM options to their product offering could be big for business, many brokers may not have the practical experience required to negotiate these loan types effectively. That’s where Deephaven comes in.

“Brokers who are new to non-QM are eager to offer these loans to grow their value and their business. On the other hand, they’re often worried it may be difficult to learn how to broker non-QM,” said Shelly Griffin, Senior Vice President of Client Development. “Deephaven offers great, hands-on training that quickly gets brokers comfortable with the process and submitting loans. We also provide them with white label marketing materials explaining non-QM and different product options that they can simply pass on to borrowers or real estate agents.”

Deephaven also offers a bank statement loan program feature that provides an excellent solution to evaluate the financial position for borrowers who are self-employed or small business owners. Moreover, Deephaven’s 15-day DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan program give brokers a competitive advantage in a booming property investment market.

By pioneering more non-traditional lending solutions, Deephaven is keeping pace with a housing market and workforce that is constantly evolving. The team at Deephaven continues to adapt its products and approach to align with the needs of today to help future borrowers meet their homebuying goals and to help brokers meet their business goals,.

“Entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, business owners, property investors – more and more people are choosing to do it their way. As the demand for non-QM continues to grow, it will become more mainstream to the point where it will be unusual for a wholesale broker not to include non-QM in their product offering,” said Steve Lemon, Senior Vice President and National Head of Wholesale Sales. “Our role is to lead the adoption of non-QM by the wholesale broker community through product innovation, great training and fantastic support for both brokers and borrowers.”


Tom Davis, Chief Sales Officer

Tom Davis manages Deephaven’s Wholesale and Correspondent sales channels and brings 20+ years of experience helping lending partners with their Non-Agency/non-QM and Agency needs.


Shelly Griffin, Senior Vice President, Client Development

Shelly Griffin’s profound knowledge of loan processing and underwriting translates into confident, long-term client relationships. She has helped innumerable mortgage professionals successfully roll out non-QM products for their organizations.


Steve Lemon, Senior Vice President, National Head of Wholesale Sales

Steve Lemon is expanding Deephaven’s broker network as the demand for Deephaven’s non-QM products increases. Steve brings more than 25 years of success in sales and support in the non-QM space.

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