BoomTown, a marketing automation platform for real estate professionals, announced Thursday the acquisition of Brokermint, which uses technology to consolidate and automate back office and transaction management functions through scalable software solutions.

Specifically, clients can use Brokermint to complete tasks in commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting and analytics.

Brokermint, based in San Diego, California, is BoomTown’s third acquisition since 2018. The company integrated with Sisu, a performance management and business intelligence platform, in December. The integration allows BoomTown’s clients, at no cost, to create real-time performance leaderboards and other productivity tools. It also launched two new platforms, Success Assurance and Marketing Central self-service advertising, in 2019.

“By using Brokermint, leading real estate brokerages, teams, and agents can simplify complex back office tasks, efficiently close transactions, and focus on driving growth,” said Grier Allen, Boomtown CEO. “BoomTown now has a complete lead-to-close solution, so clients can efficiently and effectively manage the entire prospect lifecycle in one system.”

Allen and Brokermint CEO Andrew Chishchevoy said they’ve been strategic partners for “many years.”

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“Now there is a clear strategic path to fully integrating Brokermint’s technology into the BoomTown platform and delivering a combined focus on further innovation that enhances the user experience and drives value for clients,” Chishchevoy said in a statement.

BoomTown’s product and engineering output over the past three years includes platforms such as Success Assurance, Marketing Central, and the HomeSearchNow app coming to market.

The company, based in Charleston, South Carolina, has raised $20 million in venture capital funding across three investment rounds. BoomTown was named a 2020 HWTech100 winner. BoomTown, founded in 2006, claims 40,000-plus of the industry’s top professionals, including 40% of the Real Trends Top 250 teams, use its technology. Brokermint, meanwhile, says it’s used by over 1,200 brokerages, 55,000 agents and processes over 300,000 transactions per year.

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